hyatt's garden

Cellulose is the material that composes the framework, or cell walls, of all plants. The term cellulosics refers to plastics derived from cellulose. John Wesley Hyatt was a significant figure in the development of cellulosics. Hyatt's three hands and latent appendages suggest a sort of bad science, too quick of a push to get products to market, and with questionable motivations. This third generation Hyatt sculpture has diversified to communicate several congruent concepts. The political, economic, and environmental benefits of non-petrochemical based, renewable feedstock for energy generation, as well as, the production of plastics. Hyatt's hands are formed from polycarbonate (PC). Bisphenol-A or (BpA) is a vital ingredient in the production of PC. PC is susceptible to attack from aromatic solvents, esters, and ketones. PC has poor resistance to alkalis. PC has a service temperature of -275 Deg. F to +270 Deg. F.

s t a t e m e n t
w o r k
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