My sculptural work is viscerally based and research oriented. Through the study of manufacturing processes and material sciences I am able to focus on the efficient allocation of resources in both virgin and reuse applications. I have a specific interest in polymeric materials and the developing technologies of these assets including: renewable feedstocks, reclamation, and cradle to grave product design. My work attempts to help others come to know the strengths and weaknesses materials possess, how those attributes are cultivated, and how design can be integral to a successful application.

The physical form my sculpture takes on is subject to the concept relating to each particular idea. Recently, the figure has reemerged in my work connecting the human element, in a slightly abstracted way, to the preeminent issues of materials and efficiencies. The classical and formal elements of the figure are disrupted by a more vital agenda of present condition, sometimes manifesting in an upset equilibrium for the viewer. Scale and multiplicity are my methods of communicating urgency in idea-based work. Our relationships are paramount to a thriving, conscientious evolution, locally and globally. Resource management, as it relates to polymers and other materials, is critical in the maintenance of these relationships.

A b s t r a c t s

rubber ducky
biopolymer trees
bpa hyatt
medicine creek treaty clubs
the polymer chemistry of biodiesel
hyatt's garden
at rest
the purge army
significant figures in the development of polymers
post-industrial waste recovery cells

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